Hyacinth Dirigible

"For the world we see is like a sack placed over our heads, so that we are blind to the true nature of things; yet there are places where the sack-cloth is threadbare, where the fabric of it is worn thin, and strange sights may sometimes be seen..."


Some of you are really cool folks and stuff, but you sometimes reblogs from people who either harrased me or harrased one of my friends and it just, really stressing…

I’m making this post as a “please, like/reblog this post if it’s okay to adress this and let you know about this person”.

In the same way, if I ever reblog from someone who is known for doing terrible things, please let me know and I’ll keep it in private if that’s your wish.

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Oskar Schlemmer. Das Triadische Ballett. 1924.

Version from 1970


Harold Lloyd in An Eastern Westerner (1920).


Harold Lloyd in An Eastern Westerner (1920).